Susana Callau

What happens when a South American living in Coconut Grove makes Istanbul a home away from home? She discovers old-world, new-world, and other-worldly beauty everywhere, and the microcosms of that beauty in clothing and jewelry created by her Istanbulite friends on the forefront of fashion and accessory design. 

Back in the Grove, the trickle of friends stopping by to check out what Susana has brought back from her most recent trip to the Aegean soon becomes a continuous parade.  “How can I accommodate all these people interested in my products” ponders Susana while staring at the jungle just beyond her poolside cabana built in 1933. Cabana Susana is conceived in that moment. 

Time for Susana to collaborate with interior designers situated on the shores of the Atlantic and the Caribbean whose creativity can incorporate the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The result? A cool oasis in the sweltering tropics showcasing carefully curated items that are timeless, innovative, and a fusion of multiple continents in a place that shares those same qualities. 

And now, that place has itself become a microcosm of a concept, a brand and a feeling that that is conjured up when you say two words: Cabana Susana. 

  • "I have always had trouble mixing and matching bracelets but always loved the look. Juju pieces are so easy to stack and I now always feel like my looks are complete."

    - Annie Rossinsky

  • "I adore JUJU! Every time I look at my arm I smile at my lovely party on my wrist. The necklaces are gorgeous too. The colors are bright and beautiful. No one else has anything like it!!"

    - Mariana P.

  • "These dresses are a must-have for those seeking style and comfort during summer. Whether it's a beachside party or a casual day in town, it's the perfect choice."

    - Catalina